Colorazione Capelli

Permanent hair colouring cream Concerto

Colour Treatment CONCERTO by Punti di Vista: a permanent hair colouring cream with Keratin, Mallow Extract and Vitamin C.

The anti oxidant action of vitamin C revitalizes hair structure and keeps hair colour from fading, making it last longer. The delicate Mallow extract carries out a softening and soothing action on the scalp. Keratin acts both in surface, closing the hair scales, and in depth, repairing and strengthening the hair fibre, giving the cuticles strength and a smooth aspect. It is available in 62 nuances, from classical natural to the trendiest colours: the warm tiramisù, chocolate, moka and the Nordic superlighteners.

Concerto brand has been enriched also with technical products, as Concerto Peroxide 3, 6, 9, 12% and Concerto blue bleaching powder and precious styling and hair care products:

Concerto Moisturizing shampoo with biological macadamia oil is ideal for hair that has been overdone or damaged by frequent technical treatments (straightening, perm, bleaching etc) and environmental conditions like smog and humidity. Macadamia oil nourishes, brightens and moisturizes the hair root, returning it to its natural shape and body. Its formula without salt, SLS, SLES, Parabens and Allergens guarantees a deep cleaning that respects skin and hair.

Concerto vitamin C based shampoo gives your hair an excellent source of nourishment and protection, especially in case of dyed hair. Your hair will be shining and silky, easy to comb.

Concerto mallow based shampoo has a very light texture that makes it suitable for a very frequent use.

Concerto keratin based shampoo is a real energy bath for devitalized and weakened hair; it gently cleans your hair no impairing its hydro lipid barrier.

Concerto vitamin C based mask is the ideal treatment for dyed hair; moreover, it carries out a detangling and restructuring action. Concerto mallow based mask carries out a dual action: volumizing and nourishing.

Concerto keratin based mask goes deep in every hair fibre and repairs it; your hair will be restored, shiny and healthy.

Concerto Silk effect protective fluid. Thanks to its formula, enriched with nourishing substances, it restructures also the most damaged, dry or dyed hair. It can be used on straight, curly or wavy hair with anti frizz effect. It helps prevent the formation of split ends. Your hair will look soft, silky and brilliant.

Concerto strong hold hair spray is suitable to model and fix structured hairstyles. It strongly supports the hair during all over the day and gives brightness no making your hairstyle heavy. It can be easily removed with just a few brush strokes.

Concerto ecological hair spray is gas free and contains just active product. It does not dampen or make your hair heavy; it allows to shape and sculpt your hair as desired, holding even extreme styles. giving them extra volume and an intense brightness.

Concerto strong hold shaping mousse provides long hair lasting volume, body and shine, without stickiness. You can style your hair as you want, defining and waving it up. Heat protection and wet looking effect for your style.

Concerto repairing serum gives vitality to frizzy, dry and damaged hair. It covers your hair with a thin elastic film, releasing vitamins B1, B2 and C: together with carotene, potassium and flavonoids, they have a restructuring and revitalizing effect. Thanks to its softening and soothing properties, Mallow deeply hydrates and prevents the formation of split ends.

Concerto mineralizing oil is made up of a mixture of mineral salts, anionic wax and an emulsifying cationic base. In addition it contains vitamin C, mallow extracts and keratin. Applied on damp hair, it immediately reconstructs the damaged sections of the hair. Particularly suggested before and after perm, any colouring or bleaching treatment. Also recommended as antidandruff treatment.

CONCERTO: music for your hair!